Monday, July 1, 2013

If you looking to be healthful, have a beer instead of coffee

All signs show that beer could be better than a cup of coffee.

This has been proved by a group of Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University, on Israel.
According to several references collected by Russia Today, analysts have determined that coffee can decrease life expectancy, however beer could improve it. The explanation? Caffeine appears to shrink telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, which execute an essential part preserving the genome in each and every cell, while alcohol consumption extends them. Telomeres may be like a biological odometer for the cell and shrink when the cell matures. When telomeres shrink too much, the cells perish.

Small telomeres are linked with weak wellness and increased probability of early deaths.
At last we certainly have proven certain general aspects which alter telomere length and have proven how they get it done, said Prof. Martin Kupiec. What we have found out might contribute to the elimination and remedy of disorders, the expert mentioned.

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The investigators state that even a cup of coffee contains sufficient caffeine to change telomere size.

Simultaneously, the experts determined if a number of environmental components could have a direct impact in the span of telomeres in fungus tissues, and discovered that the temperature and pH variations have no influence .

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