Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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Pharmaceutical industry celebrates in markets the victory of Republican Donald Trump. But above all, investors approbation the eradicate of Hillary Clinton's Democrat, the candidate who promised to abbreviate the high costs of drugs in the country..

In the quick term, companies realize not foresee major decisions on the Republican agenda that may play a role the sector..

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The best example of what Clinton believed abused laboratories was the battle of Mylan next his drug EpiPen next to anaphylactic shocks.
This product multiplied by six its price in five years, to attain 600 dollars, which entailed a diplomatic acceptance in recent weeks to rule a completely deregulated pharmaceutical market.
De Trump, however, is not normal to take such measures. That has prompted companies to recover from a drop that began last year, behind Clinton has already threatened to control the prices of expensive liberal treatments. The Democrat wanted mechanisms to oversee transparency in pricing decisions.
Investors had since discounted on 30% of the store prices of laboratories, especially biotechnology. In the last two days, the Bloomberg World Pharmaceutical Index - index that reflects the encroachment of the largest companies in the sector - has revalued 5% and in the Bloomberg World Biotechnological Index the recovery has been even greater, of 8.5%.
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With Pictet, taking into account funds specializing in health and biotechnology, tell that the make public has furthermore received deferentially the neglect of Proposition 61 in California, where voters have voted against the proposal that the price of the drugs was subjugate than that of the similar Drug at the federal level.
In addition, the so-called Affordable Care accomplishment - an affordable health care welcome - is probably not a priority right now. "Companies in the health sector can flesh and blood a long rally," says Luca Paolini, chief strategist at Pictet AM.
"Trump's victory should be certain for the healthcare sector. Pharmaceuticals have been under close pressure because of the threat that a distinct Democratic victory would make it possible to pass laws that would allow the dealing out to interfere and repair drug prices, and now, after this risk has disappeared, they should recover.
#p# " Says Matt Siddle, equity fund proprietor for Fidelity. "The values of this sector have yielded considerable pitch and I am nevertheless handily betting upon them adjacent to demean environment businesses in areas subsequently thesame characteristics to the bonds, such as public services and telecommunications," he adds. #p# Citi then sees a short-term evolution in the recovery of the pharmaceutical sector in the collection market, "due to the keenness of a more moderate Republican stance towards legislative dealings upon drug prices."
"Health care companies would have been worse off next Clinton, who warned, over the last few months, of the price of medicines," says Victoria Torres, analyst at Selfbank. "Our Grifols could be one of the beneficiaries in this case, gone that it obtains in the US more than 60% of its income," he adds.

It is precisely the biopharmaceuticals that recover the most, with because they were the ones that had suffered the most since January. Celgene recovered more than 11% in the last two days, Allergan in the vicinity of 9%, Amgen above 8% and Gilead on 7%.
taking into consideration regard to large American farms, Pfizer recovers 10%, in the raid of MSD 8%, Bristol-Myers Squibb more than 7% and Lilly different 7%.
in the course of the European ones, Roche, Sanofi and Novartis rise above 4%.
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The victory of Donald Trump then has a dispatch attachment in the Spanish listed companies of the biopharmaceutical sector, back every have recovered positions in accretion quarrel in the last two sessions.
The motives are the similar as in the suit of global companies: the threat of cutbacks in drug prices proposed by Democrat Hillary Clinton is distressing away.