Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Beer Glasses

Welcome to my blog about the most cool beer glasses.

Most of us when we think about beer glasses, we are inmediately thinking about the traditional ones. I used to think like that too, until I discovered the advanced generation beer glasses.

I guess like in any other area, technology comes and changes the old way to do thing for one that is better and the way to drink beer does not escape to that.

One of the main things that made me change the way I drink beer was oxidation. I learned this on a trip to Germany, where I noticed the people used to order their beer with foam.

All my life I did the opposite. I wanted to serve the beer without foam.

But why they wanted the beer that way? The reason is oxidation

Beer oxidates very fast. In fact, have you ever left a beer open in the fridge and tried it next day?

It tastes horrible.  Because beer loses its properties very fast in the presence of oxygen.  That's why they asked for a lot of beer head, foam or Kräusen. It serves as an insulator for the beer.

However today there is a new way to do this, to conserve the quality , taste and properties of your beer and even keep it cold for up to 15 hours without need of energy. 

This can be achieved with the new Beer Glasses: Easy and Cool.

I found out about them in this video:

Since I got them I totally changed the way I drink beer.

Now I don't need foam because this beer mugs totally insulate my drinks.

I also love the fact that has an anti-spill system. You need to press a button in order to drink which reduces the chances of accidental spills or even having your kids drinking your beer if you get distracted at one point.

You can use them at the beach, pool, camping, etc. They are BPA free and reduce the chances of contamination of the environment as users don't need extra glasses, bottles, etc.

You can have you keg with an Easy and Cool and voila!

Their only downside is that it seems they don't have distributors in Europe yet as a friend from Germany told me, but they do ship internationally.

This is their official website: Cool Beer Glasses
Linkedin: Easy and Cool Mugs

I hope you found this information useful and thanks for checking my blog about Cool Beer Glasses.

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